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New Firing Test Videos

I made a big firing test video where we test… I think it’s 11 guns. There are 2 parts, since the laptop was about to run out of power so we had to stop filming until the next day (it took half an hour to charge, but by then, my friends had left with their guns). Sorry about saying CTDT, I means to say CDTD (Converted Dart Tag Darts: pretty much a streamline with the nose cut off and replaced with a metal washer and a big dab of hot glue on top). Alright, enough talking, enjoy!

Epic Recon win.




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Types of Darts

I am going to tell YOU guys all of the types of darts that have been made, and what guns use them. HOWEVER, I am only using N-strike guns, otherwise there would be too many, but I am also using Dart Tag Blasters and the BBB.

The Streamline:


Sorry I couldn’t get a single picture.

Summary: These darts are light, kind of crazy (as they like to go all over the place), and frequently spiral with overpowered guns.

Used by: Long Shot, Recon, Nite Finder, Raider, Vulcan, Hornet.


The Long Shot Streamline:


Sorry I keep getting all these crappy pictures.

Summary: Sort of like the streamline, but lighter in weight and in the color of the tip. You can tell them apart in 3 ways: 1. The streamline has a darker tip. 2. If you look through the back of an LS dart, it has a 3-pronged shape in the front, and the streamline dart has a circular shape. 3. The streamline dart has a “K” printed on the side of the tip, in orange.

Used by: Intended to be used by LS, but can be used by LS, Recon, Vulcan, Nite Finder, Raider, and Hornet.

~Suction cup darts:


Summary: These darts come in blue tip, black tip, and from BuzzBee come in yellow and green with purple tips. They really suck, partially because they are really heavy, and stick to stuff for a while (for example, my friend shot my other friend in a war and it stuck to his glasses an an accidentally awesome shot, or for another example, my friend shot it at his TV and it stayed there for 3 days until I knocked it down XD).

Used by: Firefly, Maverick, Nite Finder, Switch Shot, Hornet, Scout.


The Micro aka Sonic aka Screamer:


Summary: Come in the above color and in orange-body-black-tip. They’re called screamers or sonics because as they go by, a small opening in the side of the tip allows air to pass through, creating a screeching sound. Heavy but not too heavy, they rarely “butterfly-tail”.

Used by: Vulcan, Magstrike, Nite Finder, Secret Strike, Switch Shot, and MAYBE Scout and Hornet.


The Velcro Darts:


Summary: They are used in the Dart Tag guns to stick to the Dart Tag vests. They also stick to anything velcro.

Used by: Meant to be used by Magstrike Dart Tag and Dart Tag Blaster, but probably work in Secret Strike, Scout, Hornet, Nite Finder, and Switch Shot. Anything without a barrel like a Long Shot, for example.


The Missile:

Nerf Big Bad Bow 06

Again, sorry for the horrible pictures but it’s all I could find.

Summary: A medium-sized missile that is horribly inaccurate because it’s too light for its size.

Used by: Big Bad Bow.


The Mega Missile:


Summary: A way awesomer version of the missile used in the BBB. It is heavier, more accurate, and gets better ranges. It is only used in one awesome gun.

Used by: Titan.

And I believe that’s all there is. See you next post!


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Mod of the Week 6/21

Week of 6/21:

The Single-Pump Titan

I saw this at and it really captivated me. Sounds awesome.

“I bought a Titan a while ago and did the usual mods, plugging the overpressure release valve and such, but it took way too many pumps to be effective in a war. What I came up with was this:
IPB Image

I removed the extra crap, basically did the micro-titan mod. Then I cut the bottom of the grip flat and added a full-size bike tire pump. The pump has enough volume that at one pump with the twelve inch barrel I can hit about 60′ flat.
This made the Titan a versatile long or short range weapon with a decent rate of fire, but what’s the point of having a modded Titan if you can’t pick off an opposing player at 150 feet? For that I have a 24″ barrel with a silencer. The inside barrel of the silencer is thin-wall 1/2″ PVC, which has a slightly larger ID than normal SCH40 but the same OD. This keeps the dart from rubbing against the walls of the silencer, but is still tight enough to prevent blow-by and hissing as the dart exits the barrel. With the silencer, you can barely hear the gun at all.
IPB Image

Ranges: I don’t have a very large area to test flat ranges, so I could only do the single-pump range. To get a basic idea about how far the 24″ barrel fires I shot some stefans down my street, which has a slight downward slope. Not a precise test by any means, but it did show something impressive: I was able to easily put darts 230 feet downrange with excellent accuracy.”

Sounds ownage. I’d buy it off ya XD!

That’s our first mod of the week! See you next week!


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Nerf Hornet Review

This is my Nerf Hornet review video.


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Nerf EX-3 Series Reviews

Today, on my first real post, I will be reviewing the guns most overlooked. Some people don’t even use them, and prefer just a primary and secondary. But pistols can be a serious help. Vulcan runs out of ammo? Long shot clip need to be changed and there’s a guy right in front of you? Hornet needs pumping? Well, you need to whip out your EX-3 series pistol and kill the dude. I will be reviewing 2 guns today. So, here are the pics of the 2 guns. Can you guess them?



Yup! Yoooou guessed it! It’s the Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 and Nerf Nite Finder EX-3. First, I’ll be reviewing the Switch Shot.

So, I do not own the Switch Shot, aka the Wii Blaster, but my friend does, and I’ve used his. First of all, it goes 40-50 feet angled, and 20-30 flat. It’s alright for a gun that is really, really tiny. Because if you think about it, the majority of the gun is just open space and the handle/trigger. No real important parts. That’s because it has to be able to switch out for the Wii remote for the Nerf video game. So, the piece with all the guts in it is only a… about 2 1/2 x 8 inch tube. Which makes it really easy to pull apart, with only 5 screws. You could easily stick a spring in there and be done with it. However, one down side. After the spring, if you want to take out the air restrictors, it’s really hard to pry open the barrel to take it out. I mean, REALLY hard. So, if you can do it, good gun for modding. If not, it’s just OK because of the easy spring modding. All in all, an OK gun. Not great. Not my favorite pistol, but is better than a stock Nite Finder by a long shot (lol). Stock, I’d give it a 6/10 for range, 7/10 for comfyness, 6/10 for usability in battle, 7/10 for modability, and 6/10 overall. It’s OK.

Now, one of crappiest stock guns out there, but also one of my favorite. The Nite Finder! I don’t have this one, either, but my friend does and we use it a lot. When he got it, it went 15-25 feet ANGLED! It sucked. One good thing about it stock is that it has a light on it, so you don’t need to put a Recon lazer on it, and you can save the tactical rail for an LED light or Long Shot scope. Alright, so you may be wondering, how is this such a crappy gun but also one of your favorite? The answer: modability. This thing might just be THE EASIEST Nerf gun out there to mod. Although it has 8 or 11 screws, I can’t remember which, the insides are remarkably simple and easy to work with. Most of the internals are screwed down, so they won’t come out as you screw it back together, which happened to my Long Shot. Anyway, the front part of the gun comes out so you can take out the 2 small air restrictors at the very front and 2 more important ones a little farther back. So, there’s a lot of modding to do, and it’s really, really easy becase this thing is almost impossible to break. Also, you can replace/integrate the spring (my friend’s NF has a LS front gun spring integrated with the spring from my dead Dart Tag Blaster). So, once you finish that up, put it back together and stick some rubber bands on it. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you have to wrap the rubber bands around the plunger. With all those mods done plus 12 rubber bands, I got it to go 114 feet with this cool throwing technique that I will explain some other time. SO, I will give this gun, STOCK, 4/10 for range, 5/10 for comfyness, 8/10 for usability in battle, 10/10 for modability, and 5/10 overall because the range really brings it down. MODDED, I give it a 9/10 for range, 5/10 for comfyness, 8/10 for usability in battle, and modability doesn’t really count when its modded, so an 8/10 overall.

SO, there you have it. Although they aren’t the best guns in the world, they can be really useful at times. OK, thanks for reading, Zandernerf signing out.


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Hello World!

Hi people! I’m zandernerf. I do Nerf stuff. Just about anything except really hard mods, because I’m not too great with them, but this site is devoted to Nerf and everything about Nerf. I’m going to give you a little history of Nerf with me. When I was 8, my mom was actually the one who told me about this thing they had called Nerf, and they were toy guns. I decided to buy 2 Dart Tag Blasters, but they didn’t work too well (not all of the barrels fired). Anyway, I invited my friend over for a war and we lost half of the darts. After that, one of my Blasters stopped working altogether and I threw it out. Then I sort of lost interest in Nerf. I bought 2 Buzzbee Tek-10’s and 2 Single Tek’s, but I never really used them, and I thought they were Nerf… Anyway, on November 1st, 2008, I went to a party at my friend’s house. We had a Nerf war, and I got to use the Long Shot that I had seen in TV a few times. It was really cool, and ever cooler because of the fact that I had taken to sniping in video games lately. My team won the inside war (it was POURING outside), and a few months later, after winter, I decided to get a Long Shot of my own. Around that time, my neighbor had a Recon and a Maverick, and when my other friend and I found out about Uin13, we decided to try some modding. We lost my Long Shot, my Scout (which I got with the Unity Power System a little while later), the remaining Dart Tag Blaster, and a Single Tek in modding accidents. My friend got a BBB, a LS, and a Nite Finder, and we started having wars. One day, I decided to make this site! Our first successful mod was of his Nite Finder. We took out the air restirctors, replaced the spring with my Dart Tag Blaster spring, and but 5 rubber bands around the outside of it. With this special firing technique we invented, we got it to go 102 feet. Anyway, my Nerfhaven account is zander_2, and my youtube channel is So, hope you enjoy the site! Explore the pages, comment, and if you want to, ask for a job here! You could be selected to work on this site, too.


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Hi people! I'm zandernerf. I do Nerf stuff. Just about anything except really hard mods, because I'm not too great with them, but this site is devoted to Nerf and everything about Nerf. I've been doing nerf since I was 8 (I'm 13 now), but I never really got into it until I used my friend's Long Shot and decided to buy one for myself in March. That one died in a modding accident... NOTE: Some pictures on this site are taken from other sites like Nerfhaven, and although I'll give credit to whos ever they are, I just want you to know, not all the pics of mods on this site are mine. Anyway, my Nerfhaven account is zander_2, and my youtube channel is So, hope you enjoy the site!

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