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Modded LS #1




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Recon and Vulcan Reviews!!!

I have them! And the LS will come tomorrow. This is the Recon:

Sweet! And this is the Vulcan:


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Sorry, raining today.

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Sorry :(

Look, guys, I’m sorry for putting off the post over and over, but yesterday I put a round of Vulcan ammo into my sister (a VULCAN, which goes 45 FEET!!!), and since that gun is so ridiculously inaccurate, it managed to hit her in the EYE. She’s a really bad sissy, and she overreacts, so now I’m grounded off Nerf for today… so I’ll try for the review later today, but no firing test videos yet.


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New Page

First of all, I will be posting a hell of a lot of stuff about the new guns that came 😀 and updating the pages, but all that comes tomorrow, when I make the new gun videos.

But what I REALLY wanted to say in this post was that I am adding a new page, and it will be one of the most awesome pages ever. Presenting…

The Nerflist!

It lists every Nerf gun ever made. Or at least every one I can find. I will get at least 10 a week every week, and eventually we’ll have a LOT of guns. This is the format in which it will be laid out in:



In service


So, for example, the Long Shot would be like this:

Gun: Long Shot CS-6

nerf longshot

In Service: 2006-Present

Series: N-Strike

In service means when it was manufactured. It will be AWESOME!


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Hey guys, the gun hasn’t come yet, but I just want to say thank you! I’m now up to 2 comments, 300 views, and 9 spam comments. You may not think spam comments are good, but the more famous the site, the more spam it has. Anyway, it’s not a lot by most standards; I’ve had a site with 85,000 views. But for a Nerf site that just got started? Anyway, thanks, keep it up!


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Mod of the Week 7/12

Sorry I haven’t been posting much besides mods of the week, but I’m going through some tough times here, and soon I’ll update ALL the pages and make a lot of posts… things are just a little slow right now.

Anyway, I finally found the NF mod I wanted, so this week’s MOTW is…

The Very Clean Nitefinder Coupler Mod by Gengar003:

“This is what you’ll be making:

IPB Image

A standard 1/2″ CPVC coupler’d nitefinder. The special thing about this modification is how clean and seamless it looks from outside. This cleanliness also contributes sturdiness – many of you, I’m sure, can relate to your Nitefinders shooting their barrels/etc off the front from the force of impact.

Range: 50′

First, get ur toolz:

IPB Image


  1. Dremel or
  2. Power drill
  3. Nitefinder
  4. Epoxy
  5. 1/2″ CPVC Coupler
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Sharpie Marker (optional)
  8. Ruler (optional)
  9. Hot glue gun
  10. Hot glue
  11. Hacksaw
  12. 1/2″ CPVC Pipe

Now, unscrew all the screws on your Nitefinder, including the one on the black battery-holder-thing on the bottom of the grip.

Unscrew the two black screws that hold the large orange tube (the plunger tube) in place, and you’ll have all these pieces loose.

IPB Image

You only need these.
IPB Image

Discard/save the rest somewhere if you want; this modification won’t use them. The air restrictor’s peg has been cut off. Do that to yours.

Now take a look at the two round pieces. Using a dremel or drill bit, drill out the centers, as shown by this before/after picture:

IPB Image

Once that’s done, cut a 1″ section of CPVC, making sure that at least one end is as perfectly straight and level as you can make it. Epoxy that end to the air restrictor piece, like so:

IPB Image

When the epoxy has dried/cured/hardened/set/etc, re-assemble the barrel assembly in your Nitefinder. The CPVC will stick a little bit into the little yellow thing that used to hold the barrel.

Now stick the coupler on the CPVC so that it fits right inside that little yellow area. It is almost a perfect fit.

IPB Image

Now take it off, stick some epoxy inside the coupler, and put it back on.

That was the “clean” part. Now the “sturdy” part.

Get your hot glue gun, and GLOP it all over the insides, between the air restrictor piece, along the CPVC, and against the front of the gun. Fill the little yellow round piece up front, too.

IPB Image

Every part of the Nitefinder shell that is near part of the barrel assembly has been filled with hot glue. When it dries, the barrel assembly will be immobile, because the hot glue will be occupying any space it might try to move into.

Close your gun back up. Something to keep in mind is that if you’re modifying Nerf guns, if you open it once, you’ll eventually have to open it again. With that and the ridiculous amount of screws found in guns today in mind, don’t put all the screws back in. I rarely put all the screws back in, because it makes it SO much easier to re-open the gun. Here I only put screws in in roughly a circle around the gun, and/or at important parts. The screws I put in are circled.

IPB Image

You could apply this to other guns as well, and it might make your life easier.

Also notice how you can hardly see anything out of the ordinary. If you wanted, you could cut off the little “sight” from the stock barrel, and put it back in top of the little yellow round thing in the front, and paint the 1″ length of CPVC Nerf Gun Orange, and it would look even more stock/normal.

The normality ends when you add a barrel though. I’ve found that 4″ works great for nitefinders, so cut yourself some barrels from that CPVC pipe you had at the beginning, and stick ’em in the coupler. Hot glue + Electrical tape two of them together to form a speedloader, if you want.

Either way, you’re done now. Ain’t she a beaut?

IPB Image


I have all the materials to do it except the CPVC pipe. I have the coupler and everything. But the hardware store is out of stock on that one, and I will get in on Thursday. My modded Recon hasn’t come yet, it should come Tuesday-Friday, but I’m not sure about my friend’s LS. I’ll check on that later today. If it comes, I’ll post about it, if not, I won’t.

Well, that’s about it for now. Keep viewing, tell your friends, comment, and subscribe to zandernerf on YT!


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