Sorry :(

July 20, 2009 at 4:00 pm Leave a comment

Look, guys, I’m sorry for putting off the post over and over, but yesterday I put a round of Vulcan ammo into my sister (a VULCAN, which goes 45 FEET!!!), and since that gun is so ridiculously inaccurate, it managed to hit her in the EYE. She’s a really bad sissy, and she overreacts, so now I’m grounded off Nerf for today… so I’ll try for the review later today, but no firing test videos yet.



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New Page :(

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Hi people! I'm zandernerf. I do Nerf stuff. Just about anything except really hard mods, because I'm not too great with them, but this site is devoted to Nerf and everything about Nerf. I've been doing nerf since I was 8 (I'm 13 now), but I never really got into it until I used my friend's Long Shot and decided to buy one for myself in March. That one died in a modding accident... NOTE: Some pictures on this site are taken from other sites like Nerfhaven, and although I'll give credit to whos ever they are, I just want you to know, not all the pics of mods on this site are mine. Anyway, my Nerfhaven account is zander_2, and my youtube channel is So, hope you enjoy the site!

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