Hi people! I’m zandernerf. I do Nerf stuff. Just about anything except really hard mods, because I’m not too great with them, but this site is devoted to Nerf and everything about Nerf. I’m going to give you a little history of Nerf with me. When I was 8, my mom was actually the one who told me about this thing they had called Nerf, and they were toy guns. I decided to buy 2 Dart Tag Blasters, but they didn’t work too well (not all of the barrels fired). Anyway, I invited my friend over for a war and we lost half of the darts. After that, one of my Blasters stopped working altogether and I threw it out. Then I sort of lost interest in Nerf. I bought 2 Buzzbee Tek-10’s and 2 Single Tek’s, but I never really used them, and I thought they were Nerf… Anyway, on November 1st, 2008, I went to a party at my friend’s house. We had a Nerf war, and I got to use the Long Shot that I had seen in TV a few times. It was really cool, and ever cooler because of the fact that I had taken to sniping in video games lately. My team won the inside war (it was POURING outside), and a few months later, after winter, I decided to get a Long Shot of my own. Around that time, my neighbor had a Recon and a Maverick, and when my other friend and I found out about Uin13, we decided to try some modding. We lost my Long Shot, my Scout (which I got with the Unity Power System a little while later), the remaining Dart Tag Blaster, and a Single Tek. My friend got a BBB, a LS, and a Nite Finder, and we started having wars. One day, I decided to make this site!  Our first successful mod was of his Nite Finder. We took out the air restirctors, replaced the spring with my Dart Tag Blaster spring, and but 5 rubber bands around the outside of it. With this special firing technique we invented, we got it to go 102 feet. Anyway, my Nerfhaven account is zander_2, and my youtube channel is youtube.com/zandernerf. So, hope you enjoy the site!


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