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Every week I will show a mod on this page that I think is extraordinarily awesome, and it will also be shown on the homepage!


Week of 6/21:

The Single-Pump Titan

I saw this at and it really captivated me. Sounds awesome.

“I bought a Titan a while ago and did the usual mods, plugging the overpressure release valve and such, but it took way too many pumps to be effective in a war. What I came up with was this:
IPB Image

I removed the extra crap, basically did the micro-titan mod. Then I cut the bottom of the grip flat and added a full-size bike tire pump. The pump has enough volume that at one pump with the twelve inch barrel I can hit about 60′ flat.
This made the Titan a versatile long or short range weapon with a decent rate of fire, but what’s the point of having a modded Titan if you can’t pick off an opposing player at 150 feet? For that I have a 24″ barrel with a silencer. The inside barrel of the silencer is thin-wall 1/2″ PVC, which has a slightly larger ID than normal SCH40 but the same OD. This keeps the dart from rubbing against the walls of the silencer, but is still tight enough to prevent blow-by and hissing as the dart exits the barrel. With the silencer, you can barely hear the gun at all.
IPB Image

Ranges: I don’t have a very large area to test flat ranges, so I could only do the single-pump range. To get a basic idea about how far the 24″ barrel fires I shot some stefans down my street, which has a slight downward slope. Not a precise test by any means, but it did show something impressive: I was able to easily put darts 230 feet downrange with excellent accuracy.”

Sounds ownage. I’d buy it off ya XD!

That’s our first mod of the week! See you next week!




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