Hey guys, the gun hasn’t come yet, but I just want to say thank you! I’m now up to 2 comments, 300 views, and 9 spam comments. You may not think spam comments are good, but the more famous the site, the more spam it has. Anyway, it’s not a lot by most standards; I’ve had a site with 85,000 views. But for a Nerf site that just got started? Anyway, thanks, keep it up!



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Mod of the Week 7/12

Sorry I haven’t been posting much besides mods of the week, but I’m going through some tough times here, and soon I’ll update ALL the pages and make a lot of posts… things are just a little slow right now.

Anyway, I finally found the NF mod I wanted, so this week’s MOTW is…

The Very Clean Nitefinder Coupler Mod by Gengar003:

“This is what you’ll be making:

IPB Image

A standard 1/2″ CPVC coupler’d nitefinder. The special thing about this modification is how clean and seamless it looks from outside. This cleanliness also contributes sturdiness – many of you, I’m sure, can relate to your Nitefinders shooting their barrels/etc off the front from the force of impact.

Range: 50′

First, get ur toolz:

IPB Image


  1. Dremel or
  2. Power drill
  3. Nitefinder
  4. Epoxy
  5. 1/2″ CPVC Coupler
  6. Screwdriver
  7. Sharpie Marker (optional)
  8. Ruler (optional)
  9. Hot glue gun
  10. Hot glue
  11. Hacksaw
  12. 1/2″ CPVC Pipe

Now, unscrew all the screws on your Nitefinder, including the one on the black battery-holder-thing on the bottom of the grip.

Unscrew the two black screws that hold the large orange tube (the plunger tube) in place, and you’ll have all these pieces loose.

IPB Image

You only need these.
IPB Image

Discard/save the rest somewhere if you want; this modification won’t use them. The air restrictor’s peg has been cut off. Do that to yours.

Now take a look at the two round pieces. Using a dremel or drill bit, drill out the centers, as shown by this before/after picture:

IPB Image

Once that’s done, cut a 1″ section of CPVC, making sure that at least one end is as perfectly straight and level as you can make it. Epoxy that end to the air restrictor piece, like so:

IPB Image

When the epoxy has dried/cured/hardened/set/etc, re-assemble the barrel assembly in your Nitefinder. The CPVC will stick a little bit into the little yellow thing that used to hold the barrel.

Now stick the coupler on the CPVC so that it fits right inside that little yellow area. It is almost a perfect fit.

IPB Image

Now take it off, stick some epoxy inside the coupler, and put it back on.

That was the “clean” part. Now the “sturdy” part.

Get your hot glue gun, and GLOP it all over the insides, between the air restrictor piece, along the CPVC, and against the front of the gun. Fill the little yellow round piece up front, too.

IPB Image

Every part of the Nitefinder shell that is near part of the barrel assembly has been filled with hot glue. When it dries, the barrel assembly will be immobile, because the hot glue will be occupying any space it might try to move into.

Close your gun back up. Something to keep in mind is that if you’re modifying Nerf guns, if you open it once, you’ll eventually have to open it again. With that and the ridiculous amount of screws found in guns today in mind, don’t put all the screws back in. I rarely put all the screws back in, because it makes it SO much easier to re-open the gun. Here I only put screws in in roughly a circle around the gun, and/or at important parts. The screws I put in are circled.

IPB Image

You could apply this to other guns as well, and it might make your life easier.

Also notice how you can hardly see anything out of the ordinary. If you wanted, you could cut off the little “sight” from the stock barrel, and put it back in top of the little yellow round thing in the front, and paint the 1″ length of CPVC Nerf Gun Orange, and it would look even more stock/normal.

The normality ends when you add a barrel though. I’ve found that 4″ works great for nitefinders, so cut yourself some barrels from that CPVC pipe you had at the beginning, and stick ’em in the coupler. Hot glue + Electrical tape two of them together to form a speedloader, if you want.

Either way, you’re done now. Ain’t she a beaut?

IPB Image


I have all the materials to do it except the CPVC pipe. I have the coupler and everything. But the hardware store is out of stock on that one, and I will get in on Thursday. My modded Recon hasn’t come yet, it should come Tuesday-Friday, but I’m not sure about my friend’s LS. I’ll check on that later today. If it comes, I’ll post about it, if not, I won’t.

Well, that’s about it for now. Keep viewing, tell your friends, comment, and subscribe to zandernerf on YT!


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Mod of the Week 7/5 & Other Stuff

Happy 4th of July people! Sorry there haven’t been many new posts, but I kind of forgot XD. First of all, I’m thinking of changing the theme, but I’m not sure what to change it to yet. Anyway, I have a new mod of the week. I bought the Recon on last week’s post, it ships today, and it should arrive next Wednesday or so. Good? Good.

Next, I checked the view map today and found that there was a viewer from Ontario. I saw on Nerfhaven’s Season of Foam thread that Forsaken Angel said he’d be going to the one in Ontario (unless I misinterpreted the comment). So, if FA24 was the one to come to this site, please comment so I know a famous person (at least, famous in the Nerf world)goes to my site XD.

Now, I have the mod of the week. Previous MOTW’s have been the Single-Pump Titan and Recon Pulse Rifle. This week, I was going to do the Lancer, but I was having formatting troubles, then I tried to find the Easy Nite Finder Mod but couldn’t, so I’m going to do…

The Humpty-Dumpty by Captain Slug!

“I’ve been wanting to do this since reading Renegade’s exploits with his hornet but it took me quite a while to get ahold of one since I didn’t want to buy the whole set. I bought this particular hornet from CrankyMonkey while at DCNO. Mainly I’m expanding where Renegade left off. I’ve shortened the body shell as much as possible and added 5-inch length PETG barrels. IPB Image I’ve cut away a good deal of the inner bracing in order to move the stock pump as far forward as it will go while still working. I also cut off the “Unity Power System” trigger and one-way valve stem. IPB Image The inner diameter of the tube that leads to the extra 6-shot trigger valve was luckily the perfect size to be tapped to 1/4″ NPT. So adding an instant tube fitting will be a cinch. IPB Image I’m currently waiting on supplies but the plan is as follows.

+ The inlet that is replacing the Titan 6-shot trigger will allow me the option of hooking this gun up to the back-pack tank I made for use with my Magstrike 20. The tank output will be regulated down to 30psi.
+ The tank output will have a one-way valve. That way once the tank is empty I can still use the stock pump to prime the gun without having it attempt to fill the tank as well.

+ The tank input fitting can be optionally plugged if I want to use this gun as a standalone weapon to be primed with just the stock pump. The only hurdle so far as been that the tubing in the gun has metric dimensions. I’m waiting for the parts I need to come in the mail so I can complete this.”

Finally, I have the new videos. Here is my LS review; sorry it’s in 2 parts. And now, my argument to LSWielder, just uploaded a couple minutes ago.

That’s about it! See you next post!


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Mod of the Week 6/28

I’m sorry the mod is so late, I kind of forgot this week. But, better late than never!

This week’s mod of the week: The Recon Pulse Rifle by abc.supermall.





It’s from ebay, so here’s the description:


Don’t miss this chance to own one of the most realistic looking nerf rifle on ebay.

You are bidding on the most powerful modified recon on ebay today.  I have been modifying and selling modified nerf items in my store for over 15 years, with great feedback from purchasers.  Now I’m bringing this to the ebay buyers and have no doubt that you will be satisfied with your purchase.  I sell and modify airsoft guns in my store so I have extensive expertise dealing with air pressure operated rifles.  All parts used are premium airsoft parts not found in any hardware stores  The gun is brand new and only taken out of the box to be modified.  You are buying quality product made by a professional modder.  All conversions are made with performance and longevity for the product in mind.  I am still using with no diminished performance, my very first recon converted  year and a half ago.  Since then I have made and sold over 70 of these in my store and on ebay with great feedback.  The power booster located in the stock gives optimal acceleration without putting too much strain on the piston.

Be the coolest, most envy’ed, and the most feared soldier in your field.

Don’t settle for second best.   Have the best and the most powerful recon currently in the market today.

your purchase will include the modified main rifle, 5 x stream line darts, scope, standard lasor sight, and clip.

Here are some of the modifications I have made.

1.  Air restrictor removal for better air pressure delivery.

2.  Replaced O-rings for better seal and greater pressure.

3.  lubed all moving parts for better operation and seal.

4.  Unique double spring chamber for maximum power.

5.  Sealed air release pinhole for maximum pressure delivery.

6.  Post removal for use with stephan’s darts.

7.  Sanded, cleaned, primed, and 4 coats of paint with gloss finish.

8. Installed 6 inch extension barrel with guard to give it a more balanced took and more in line with the m4a1 rifles I sell on my shop.

Here are some max range test I have done with 3 stephan’s and 3 stream lines.  Test was done with front extension off.

Please note that not all stephans are equal and your results may vary.


FLAT                                                      ANGLED AT 45 DEGREES

82 FEET                                                  110 FEET


FLAT                                                      ANGLED AT 45 DEGREES

78 FEET                                                 104 FEET


Now you see why I love it? It looks like a frickin M4! It doesn’t go as far as it’s LS counterpart, but 110 feet and looks like a real gun? That’s pretty awesome. And the best part…

I MIGHT BE GETTING IT! There are 5 phases to buying a Nerf gun off of Ebay.

Phase 1: Decide on your gun. CHECK

Phase 2: Make sure the bid time isn’t about to run out. CHECK

Phase 3: Make sure the buyer is trustable. PENDING…

Phase 4: Make sure the price s reasonable. CHECK

Phase 5: Buy it now! NOT YET

I just need my dad to approve of the buyer, and it’s a yes! So hopefully, a Recon mod vid is coming your way in the near future.

That’s about it for today!


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New Firing Test Videos

I made a big firing test video where we test… I think it’s 11 guns. There are 2 parts, since the laptop was about to run out of power so we had to stop filming until the next day (it took half an hour to charge, but by then, my friends had left with their guns). Sorry about saying CTDT, I means to say CDTD (Converted Dart Tag Darts: pretty much a streamline with the nose cut off and replaced with a metal washer and a big dab of hot glue on top). Alright, enough talking, enjoy!

Epic Recon win.



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Types of Darts

I am going to tell YOU guys all of the types of darts that have been made, and what guns use them. HOWEVER, I am only using N-strike guns, otherwise there would be too many, but I am also using Dart Tag Blasters and the BBB.

The Streamline:


Sorry I couldn’t get a single picture.

Summary: These darts are light, kind of crazy (as they like to go all over the place), and frequently spiral with overpowered guns.

Used by: Long Shot, Recon, Nite Finder, Raider, Vulcan, Hornet.


The Long Shot Streamline:


Sorry I keep getting all these crappy pictures.

Summary: Sort of like the streamline, but lighter in weight and in the color of the tip. You can tell them apart in 3 ways: 1. The streamline has a darker tip. 2. If you look through the back of an LS dart, it has a 3-pronged shape in the front, and the streamline dart has a circular shape. 3. The streamline dart has a “K” printed on the side of the tip, in orange.

Used by: Intended to be used by LS, but can be used by LS, Recon, Vulcan, Nite Finder, Raider, and Hornet.

~Suction cup darts:


Summary: These darts come in blue tip, black tip, and from BuzzBee come in yellow and green with purple tips. They really suck, partially because they are really heavy, and stick to stuff for a while (for example, my friend shot my other friend in a war and it stuck to his glasses an an accidentally awesome shot, or for another example, my friend shot it at his TV and it stayed there for 3 days until I knocked it down XD).

Used by: Firefly, Maverick, Nite Finder, Switch Shot, Hornet, Scout.


The Micro aka Sonic aka Screamer:


Summary: Come in the above color and in orange-body-black-tip. They’re called screamers or sonics because as they go by, a small opening in the side of the tip allows air to pass through, creating a screeching sound. Heavy but not too heavy, they rarely “butterfly-tail”.

Used by: Vulcan, Magstrike, Nite Finder, Secret Strike, Switch Shot, and MAYBE Scout and Hornet.


The Velcro Darts:


Summary: They are used in the Dart Tag guns to stick to the Dart Tag vests. They also stick to anything velcro.

Used by: Meant to be used by Magstrike Dart Tag and Dart Tag Blaster, but probably work in Secret Strike, Scout, Hornet, Nite Finder, and Switch Shot. Anything without a barrel like a Long Shot, for example.


The Missile:

Nerf Big Bad Bow 06

Again, sorry for the horrible pictures but it’s all I could find.

Summary: A medium-sized missile that is horribly inaccurate because it’s too light for its size.

Used by: Big Bad Bow.


The Mega Missile:


Summary: A way awesomer version of the missile used in the BBB. It is heavier, more accurate, and gets better ranges. It is only used in one awesome gun.

Used by: Titan.

And I believe that’s all there is. See you next post!


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Mod of the Week 6/21

Week of 6/21:

The Single-Pump Titan

I saw this at and it really captivated me. Sounds awesome.

“I bought a Titan a while ago and did the usual mods, plugging the overpressure release valve and such, but it took way too many pumps to be effective in a war. What I came up with was this:
IPB Image

I removed the extra crap, basically did the micro-titan mod. Then I cut the bottom of the grip flat and added a full-size bike tire pump. The pump has enough volume that at one pump with the twelve inch barrel I can hit about 60′ flat.
This made the Titan a versatile long or short range weapon with a decent rate of fire, but what’s the point of having a modded Titan if you can’t pick off an opposing player at 150 feet? For that I have a 24″ barrel with a silencer. The inside barrel of the silencer is thin-wall 1/2″ PVC, which has a slightly larger ID than normal SCH40 but the same OD. This keeps the dart from rubbing against the walls of the silencer, but is still tight enough to prevent blow-by and hissing as the dart exits the barrel. With the silencer, you can barely hear the gun at all.
IPB Image

Ranges: I don’t have a very large area to test flat ranges, so I could only do the single-pump range. To get a basic idea about how far the 24″ barrel fires I shot some stefans down my street, which has a slight downward slope. Not a precise test by any means, but it did show something impressive: I was able to easily put darts 230 feet downrange with excellent accuracy.”

Sounds ownage. I’d buy it off ya XD!

That’s our first mod of the week! See you next week!


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